Welcome to my blog! I’m Haneen- aspiring poetess, experimental cook, and full time activist. I care deeply about the Earth and our fraught relationship with her and all she represents. Some of that shows up in my writing and choice of metaphor. If that’s something you care about too, I’d love to connect on Twitter @HaneenKhalid11!

This is a space scattered with poems, reflection pieces, a few reviews- whatever raises some question marks in the moment. These words have been churned out in hastily parked cars, on planes and trains, in the middle of ancient halls of prayer, under a blanket and on the dining table, on lecture breaks- basically everywhere except my actual desk. Like a well-brewed cup of tea, I hope some of that flavour seeps through. Also like a well-brewed cup of tea, I hope it sparks alive new thoughts and new feelings, warming your fingers and toes and curling tendrils around your heart– and making you pause and squirm a bit as you consider things in ways you never quite saw them before.

Happy Reading!


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