A Dandelion Stalk

I am a dandelion stalk

Quivering in the wind

A blade of grass, darling,

Holding sweet soil in the raging


I am a ray of sunlight on green leaf

The wing of the butterfly so

Completely fragile

So completely beautiful

I am the chord of a harp

One finger can render me helpless

For hours

I am a whirl in the pool

Trembling on the surface

Of waves and waves

Of soft water

I am the hair of a unicorn

Flowing with her sisters

On moonlit nights

I shimmer like a firefly

In the deep forest

In the deep dark

I weep like a deer-child

Learning today to walk

On her spindle thin legs

I trickle like a spring

Over rocks rubbed smooth

Over the ages

I am but a breath

For now

For ever

A delicate huff

A bastion

Of life.



Image Source:¬†https://learningherbs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/dandelion-pesto-1-1030×687.jpg


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