Bonfire Night

One fine spring evening, I went quite,

Quite mad, you see

I hefted up an entire sofa on my head

And threw it off the roof

I used the fine bone china-

In my family for ten generations, they say-

To make clinky plinky crashy

Music against wall after wall after wall

It was so satisfying

The wineglasses went next, dusting all

The floor with a fine, glittery dust

Like the moon had sent some of her sand

Just to please my eyes and bite my feet

I clawed at the curtains until the rail

Fell on my head

I drew circles on the doors with the little

Blood that dripped out of the whacked

Bump right on top of me

I grabbed a chair and smashed all the windows

Then I hauled all the books out darling

All those old editions and crispy new ones

The ones with notes inside, all those bookmarks

People brought from the four corners of the world

I poured cooking oil over torn pages

I made a bonfire

How the flames danced! I was mesmerised

I wondered if they would lick my skin and my hair

I wondered if all these books could be the pyre of me

I don’t really remember

I burned down the house and the fields around it

I burned all the food

I undammed the dams til the water ran dry

And those who were afraid could do nothing but lock their

Doors, rock their children to sleep

No, this was not for them, stay away, I said

The fire brushed the forests at the edges of our land

Wolves’ eyes burned bright just inside the darkness

Her heat tried to lick the sky itself

A pagan offering, a holy offering, a joyous

Resplendent death

If I could set the stars on fire, I would

If I could burn away the dross of the dead hay

The chains that cripple my sweet earth

I’d be the space between flint and tinder,

I’d burn her way to life

With my own bones,

Sing hymns upon

My own ashes.



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