Thief in the Night

I am a thief in the night

I steal away all you clutch at, sweet one,

The rings off your fingers

And the cloak off your back

I steal the idols from their niche

The pillar from the temple

I steal the fire from the wood, sweet one,

Who are you to scream at my antics

I take where I please

The breath from your lungs itself

Belongs to me

The notes in your music are


I could cheat you out of ten lifetimes

With the snap of two fingers

And turn around and lay the riches

Of the world on your shoulder

In the next step

Throw your keys away!

Throw away every modicum of understanding

Everything that reaches and grasps

Throw your thoughts over your shoulder

And dance with me

Shake your hair loose

Spin and spin and spin

Until you fall backwards dizzy

The world turns upside down

Who cares which way the sky is and

Which way you fall

Push at the walls and see the putty dissolve

Fight the chains and watch the sand run

Through your fingers

Gasp and splutter for your life

And the ocean you were drowning in flies away

The fish grow wings, sweet one,

And the eagles turn into stampeding elephants

Tossing you up in a game of catch

Do you think you will fall and die?

Come dance with me

Be a thief in the night and rob yourself

Of everything.



Image Source:¬†×1440/cloaked-figure-watching-the-stars.jpg


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