Midnight Musician

There was once a dirty street

Narrow and dark it dipped away

Into the distance



I stumbled down her cobbled way

Smelling strange smells and hearing

Strange sounds, murky

In the dark


There was a curtain made of an old torn

Rug, hanging low over broken archway

I heard the laughing of

Mad, merry men and women


And, alone in my brokenness I tripped

Over my dirty hem as every

Ear in me leaned closer

And closer


They didn’t stop me as I stepped through

And throwing my shoes back out

Into the dense strange night

I crawled


Up to the dais

Staring with large bloodshot eyes

At the man strumming

On his little banjo


Chords in a language from far and away

I was struck dumb, and still

Those chords hummed

And the room danced


The madman looked and my eyes were his

He strummed and strummed

And, glued in utter horror

And glory,


I plunged my filthy hands

Into my own ribcage, spurting blood

And yanked that beating thing

Out, and still she hummed


Dear god, I am dead-

Take this! I screamed, dropping

The bloody mess in his lap

He laughed, a golden laugh


Ignored my lifeblood seeping through

His rough-spun robes, stringing on

And when I lay cold and dry

Upon his feet, gone, gone


He reached his hand into the heart cavity

Of that unknown corpse

And there plucked such strings

That the universe burst into laughter


And my unseeing eyes lay open

Waiting, perhaps,

For the footsteps of She whom

He serenaded.


Image Source: http://www.sylviamassy.com/paintings/


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