How do I love you?

For the Doorkeepers of the heart, that safeguard our tears in the night. 


How do I love you

Softly as the snowflake

Falling in the dead of the night

With neither fanfare nor witness

Yet no less magical than

The love of the sun

Who goes to the heart of the heart

Of the earth and there whispers

Words whereby the bare desert

Bursts into bloom

Is that how I love you

Do I love you like the dewdrops love

The precious rose in the early morning

Glittering in their passion

Do I love you as the spider loves

Her web, spinning round and round and round

Who knows what poetry she weaves into

Her delicate masterpiece

How do I love you

Like the oceans crashing on the rocks, wildly

Or the lion crushing the gazelle between his

Masterful jaws, in a spray of red, glorious, blood

Or like the wind spurring on a hundred thousand

Clouds to grow a hundred thousand sheafs of corn

To feed the hunger of a hundred thousand children

And no my love is still vaster and vaster than all that

So how do I love you,

I who am a seed that tears its heart out for the shoot

That tears its heart out for the root and stem and bud

That tears its heart out for the flower in full bloom

Just so that a little dust may smile and become fragrant

And it may fly to your path and cling to your feet

And wander with you where you wander

Just a little dust you picked up along the way

Asking all day, every moment,

How do I love you?


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One thought on “How do I love you?

  1. Doorkeepers are persuading for happiness , how do l love you May our love lies beneath our Destiny


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