My Body is a Battleground

The problem with being infinite is

I have no frontiers

You will roam as you please

I have no walls

I cannot surround myself with mirrors

To reflect the ugliness in your eyes

So you see what I see

So the arrows you shoot at me

Pierce the filth of your hide

My endless softness yields

Every time

You pierce, and you, you shameless



You will roam far and wide

Across the plain of me

Cutting me down in ways

I did not know I could be felled

You take the diamonds I never gave you

You yank every unfurled bud out

Root stem and leaf

Until I have nothing left

And still you take

Until you might puke

On your own grotesque hunger

Ignorant fool

Stomping down

Spitting on the blood

That bore you

Thrusting deep into lands where

You have no place

I am not molten wax for you

To drive a seal to my face

Bind my hands, my feet,

Blind me, because you cannot bear

Your own blindness

You would rip through every barrier I fling at you

Saying no, no, no, no, no-

You would tear the flesh off my bones

To say it was yours

You would, you know you would,

And then you would gnaw my bones

To dust

And from that dust

You would take even the memory

Of my dreams and my tears

The echo of my no, no, no, no

No, no, no, no, no, no,

No, no, no

and call it yours.


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