I wandered long years amidst the clouds

On some nameless faceless dark land

Wisps of grey mist rolled about me

Some damp, some utterly cold


I did not know where I went or whence I came

I did not know who left me there or why

The ground changed when I tried to retrace

My faltering steps and ahead, I could not see


The cool light of the moon sometimes shone past

Shimmering in my face, in my eyes

I saw I had a body, with limbs and ears and mouth

To speak, to listen, to see, to touch, to taste


But all was ashes in my mouth, dust in my fingers

Shadows ahead and behind and white noise in my ears

I was empty- so completely was I empty

I was lost- so deeply was I lost


In every moment I knew nothing but my stumbling steps

I saw nothing but the darkness that blinded me

They say Eve was banished for eating of the tree of knowledge

But never was I more ignorant than when I tried to hoard the shadows


So now I cease crawling and hold still

I cease searching

I cease looking

I cease knowing and begin not-knowing-

and maybe

That is the land where the light breaks.


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