Watch closely my child,

For the monsters that visit you in the night

That rattle the bars of your rib-cage

Demanding entry- or is it release?

That shriek ghoulishly in the deep dark

Beyond your fluttering curtains

The silhouettes rising tall and menacing

Against the horizon, visible only in the flash

Of lightning

And then gone again

Watch closely for the ghosts that rip and tear

At your baby-soft flesh

And the demons that ride the winds of the storm

To gaze ravenously upon

The whites of your eyes

Listen child, to their whispers in the day

When even the noontime sun cannot erase

Their shadows

See them around corners, tailing you silently

Through autumn and winter

And the springtime of your life- hush-

There they go again- cackling at your anguish

Playing your very bones to the tune they sing

So lovingly in the recesses of your mind

And in your glassy-eyed terror, child,

When your breath rasps barely into cold, blue lungs

And your heart stands so close to the edge of

The bottomless precipice

Would you listen to me? Would you hear me?

Would you hearken to the pure silver bell of

My voice

When I look into your soul, and tell you-



Image Source Unknown

Link: http://bit.ly/2icoQ0g



2 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. I love you but your stuff is always so sad and/or scary that I run away from your content from ages before braving it again. XD



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