The Witness

My task is to

bear witness to the world-

to the sun and the stars,

to the beauty and ugliness of

what is and is not,

and what was,

and what is yet to come;

My task is to breathe in the scent

of each new day and hear

its sounds and scent

its smells and taste

its flavours and see

its sights, and sing

its hymn through my words

and my body and my mind

and my soul and my heart;

My task is to turn halves

into wholes and love

the halves and love the wholes

because they are all part of what is-

My task is to face my fear

and my anger and

release it in peace;

My task is to read the silence

and the beat of my own heart

and truly hear

the tales of the ages they tell me;

My task is to hear but not judge,

see but not censor, and

speak my truth for heaven and earth to know,

for I am a Witness and

that is my charge.


Image: The Witness Tree, by Jerry Gadamus



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