You are grace in a breathing,

Walking, laughing body

You are light in dark places,


You are a child of cosmic proportions

And the sun shines in your heart

And in your soul

And in your veins,

As light you dance

And as light you live

And as light you pass from one abyss

To the next

You are warm and gentle

You are compassion

In hard, brittle roads

Where all compassion is lost

You are kindness

In faces where tears run dry

And soft voices are heard no more

You are music

In the empty halls of the night skies

And poetry and rhythm and beauty

In hollows where bones lie withering

And beauty is but a myth long


You are charity

And an open heart

Where hands curl tight and nails

Bite into shriveled skin

You are a fire

In the cold fog hiding

Wandering children

You are the last fibre on a fraying rope

The last bruise on a weary heart

The last set of a broken jaw

That has no bite left

You are the steps I stagger

When I can stagger no more

And the beating of my wings

When all flight is gone

You are the breath that breathes me in whole

And exhales something I do not know

The light that lights my eyes

When they can see no more

You are the beat of my heart

At the end of the road

The pulse inside my soul

That took me from rock

To flower to tree

To animal on bended knee

And on to human

And then?

I do not know.

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