As the drop does search the stream

So the stream does search the river

And the river the ocean

And the ocean churns endlessly into itself

Just so

As the light chases shadow

And the shadow is and is not

As I am and am not

Here and there and everywhere

And nowhere

Just so

As the birds rise on the wings

Of the storm

The wind that blows over mountains

And through unseen hollows

Through skies unmapped and leaves uncounted

Scattered in its wake

Through wind I breathe in and

Breathe out

Just so

As the night chases day

And the day, night,

As time flows in a mighty waterfall

Into deeps untapped

And I sit by soaked in the spray

Of endless life thundering past

In all its rainbow glory, all colours

And no colour

No birth and no death

And in that no-mans-land I sit

For all of eternity

On a jagged outcropping of bare hard rock

The world a puff of soft breath

In and out

My toes skimming the surface of the water-pool

And so I sit

And so I sit

And so I sit

And the ages swirl in the blink of an eye

And the songbirds burst into



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