King of my Heart

One bright night

The moon pressed her cool cheek against mine

And whispered softly

Long stories of what she had seen

And with her words I wandered deep into

The lands between sleep and wakefulness

Collecting, searching far and wide

I dived deep into the icy seas to collect

Their bounties and I came back to my little hearth and

Laid them reverently down

I sailed into the skies and plucked the choicest stars

Returning with hands burnt and useless

To place them atop the gift of the ocean

I crawled into caves of fire

To collect jewels only found in the roiling cores of

The Earth

And face blackened, I piled them atop my hearth

I crawled through endless gardens, through bushes

And thorny hedges searching, ever searching

For the perfect bouquet

I gathered rocks from the wayside

Gifts from small animals and birds of prey

Claws of majestic creatures long lost in myth

Gifts from the vineyards of forgotten gods and

Their disciples

I piled and piled and hoarded and hoarded

And the moon pressed her cool cheek against mine

And whispered softly in praise and adoration

And when I had at last claimed all she had to give

And her own light shone from my eyes,

I crawled to my altar, now tall as the heavens,

and spilled my own jugular,

a crowning gift for the King of the


of my heart.

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