Deep Red Glory

I was once a bud

Curled upon itself

Eyes shut tight to the morning dew

Jagged leaves held out


The fire that courses through my


Dulled to a distant burn

Long forgotten

A hum of memory buried

Neath sods of earth

And so I curled

Ever tighter with each passerby bending

To pluck me from my fragile root

Eyes tight shut, terrified

And the dew slid past, once,


For an eternity-

And water changes things;

With enough thirst

Even the wiliest of thorny roses will let the rain in,

And this was the nectar of the gods-

And my buried fire began to rise gently but

Oh so


Through its deep, dark grave

And up my fragile stem

Smoothing my leaves and hitting

The bud at full throttle

What choice did I have?

Wise ones of bygone years, answer me this,

What choice did I have?

When the sunlight begins to pour

Even the most shriveled of seeds

Must sprout

And so I discovered in my heart

A hundred thousand gravestones

And neath each gravestone

A hundred thousand rosebushes

And on each rosebush

A hundred thousand buds

Unfurling in all their deep red glory

And in all the deep red glory

There was I,

There was me,

And there was an entire universe of

Mind-numbing pain and guilt and shame

And all that lurks in the shadows of the Earth

But in all the deep red glory there was also

The might of the sun and the moon

And the stars and the One who

Burns them all.

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