Like Surf On A Tide Going Out

Like surf on a tide going out

I recede

Little bits of foam dancing in the sunlight

Slowly swallowed into the brilliance

Of what they love


Like surf I am pulled back

With the last wave returning home

To its ancestral deeps

Losing itself in the vastness of

The ocean blue, so blue, so blue


Like surf I cling with all my tiny might

With every ounce of my being

I cling to the heated sands

Of earth, of time, of

All that I think I know


Like surf I am irrevocably returned

Inch by inch

Breath by breath

Protesting every moment as

The end approaches


Like surf, I know not

What the wave is, nor the ocean

That the wave is me, the ocean

Is me, that every push and pull

And endless song, is me


Like surf, inexorably,

I float for a moment under the blinding sun

My face upturned as I swirl

Going, going, going, back into the deeps

All at once gone and yet everywhere, everywhere


And my eyes? Once so tightly shut against the


Now wide open as I sparkle in welcome

Gifting to Earth the brilliance of the sky above


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