There is a wildness

That slumbers deep

Inside my veins;

With every contracting of my heart,

It thunders a little,

And a little more,


A mad kind of laughter

Rattles my lungs

With every in-breath,

And the silence echoing

With every out-breath

Is the silence left in the wake

Of a prowling beast

That knows, to whisper

Is to lose the hunt;


It is the wildness of

The swirling ocean

And the bursting fire-mountain,

The wildness of the lion

Springing on the wildebeest,

The Eagle diving

For the fleeing hare,


And so I run, like a madwoman,

From the hounds of my own


But the light catches up

And I part my lips

In an endless scream,

And my eyes burst open

And the wide expanses of the earth

Fall prostrate, struck dumb and insane,

By the ecstasy


Shining in their depths.

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