Perfect Ones

My beautiful broken pieces wandering from one day to the next- don’t you see how wonderful you are? With all your jagged edges, and sharp corners, and peeling paint- don’t you see? Don’t you see how you fit, one with the next, with the next, with the next? There is no rhyme or rhythm to your beauty, but you are awe-inspiring, breath-taking, powerful in your perfection. Look into that mirror. Look. For just one second, See.

Each lie that trips your tongue is a momentary, fleeting expression of pain. Each hurtful, unkind, cutting remark you throw out there, each nip and prick your lance makes in the armour of your opponent- it’s your hurt and it’s your struggling, flailing survival instinct lashing out. Shh. You are so much more than that. You are so much more than anything anyone can cheat or rob from or malign or break. You think you are fragile? You are strong beyond measure. You think you must gather into yourself, curled up in the foetal position against a hostile, insane, angry world? For one second, hold open your arms and embrace the brokenness. You can. You are strong beyond measure, generous beyond measure. Between your two arms, you can fit a universe of such universes. Let your heart feel for just one second.

Your burdens are your friends. They show you the way into your own self- everything that irks is medicine to your being. Listen to the stories they have to tell. Listen to them. Listen to their whispered guidance and you will not go wrong. Open your eyes and unblock your ears and inhale deeply- you are not being attacked! You are valuable beyond measure, precious and wonderful. I cannot force you to see it, but I can remind you of what you already know. Unfold your wings- strong and pure and as broad as the horizon itself. If you would let it, the very sun begs to shine from your eyes, and the oceans churn in the depths of your heart, and the stars themselves beg to adorn your hair. Why do you stop them?

Watch your words and watch the train of your mind. It can and does take you very far from where you want to be. Your task, my beautiful broken pieces- so perfect, and so whole- is not to rip and tear into your own reflection like a madman, bloodthirsty and insane. Neither is it to bellow and scream at the ghosts of your fears. Your worshippers cannot harm you- and there is nothing that does not bow at the altar of your feet. Nothing. Be gracious and welcoming and spread your wings across the horizon. Open your eyes, and open your arms, and gather to you everything that calls for your love.

Your love is infinite.


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