Teach Your Children to Laugh

Teach your children to laugh-
To find the madness in drops of rain
Falling indiscriminately on hard, dry earth;
To laugh as that earth
Turns to mud,
In a moment of magic,
To wonder at the sown seeds
Sprouting tall and green
In days, pushing out,
Determined to see the light-
Teach them to cheer
As the flowers bloom bright,
Celebrate each petal
As it unfurls, and waits
To be loved,
Teach them to dance with the butterflies,
And chase sparrows
They’ll never catch-
Teach them to run until they can’t breathe,
Run in the open grass
And pretend they can fly;
Teach them to sing
As loud as they can,
Because the fairies are listening, and
The fairies will sneak
Little gifts under their pillows
In the dark of the night-
Teach them to laugh as they wake in the morn
And welcome the sun
Into the sky;
Teach them to hug
As tight as they can,
And scatter their smiles like the stars;
Teach them stories and riddles,
And the language of little wild animals,
Teach them
To tell you the colours
And the sounds and the sights
Of their dreams, awake and asleep,
Teach your children to laugh
In their joy and their pain,
And to scatter their smiles like the stars,
Teach your children to laugh,
To wonder, to listen, to hear,
To celebrate each now,
And each forever and beyond,
In gentleness, in love,
and in care.

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