Write like you mean it.

Don’t you dare apologise for a single word out of your pen. Not now, not ever. You are a Writer, and you weave magic.

I read once that the joy and the burden of the artist is to bear witness to the Universe. That is what you do. There are as many universes as there are people who have walked this earth, and goodness knows how many more. You may never have picked up a pen in your life. You may never have opened your mouth and told a story. But you get out there right now and bear witness to what you see, what you feel, what you think. You are a Writer, or a budding Writer, or a veteran Writer, or a Writer yet to be born- but you are a Writer.

Don’t you dare apologise. Don’t you dare qualify what you have so boldly brought into this world with a “oh, I don’t know…” or a “I’m not that great but…”. Don’t you dare fish for compliments or validation or for someone to come and tell you how wonderful you are before you write one more word. Don’t you dare.

Because you, my Writer friend and my Artist friend- you are a Creator. A Creator does not beg permission to Create, or beg applause to continue Creating. A Creator does not Create for the love of the audience. A Creator Creates for the joy of Creation. You write for yourself. You write because you are trying to bring to light your innermost thoughts, and feelings- you are trying to build and share the world inside your head. You are trying to construct it with your words in such a way that you may explore corners and angles and hidden secrets you never saw up until that moment. Passersby may stop and applaud. Or they may throw stones. It makes no difference.

Your world is part of you, and it is beautiful. Whole or broken, coloured or black and white, ordered or completely jumbled up- it is your world. That is what you write. Either it resonates with me, or it doesn’t. Either you share it with me, or you don’t. But let me tell you this- if you want to get up there and shout your world from the rooftops, and fill diaries and books and libraries with your worlds- as many as you can find- do it with your head held high.

Look me in the eye. And speak your truth.

Look yourself in the eye, and speak your truth. Let the chips fall where they may. Let the passersby love you or hate you. You will learn beautiful things along the way.

3 thoughts on “Write like you mean it.

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