I want to show you.

What stories should I spin for you little friend. I know nothing. The sun shines and the rain falls and the grass grows, and I know nothing. Continue reading


Have you ever been asked for help?

My cat has this strange habit of trying to leap inside through the window when she sees me strolling into a room- yes, she spends half her time looking in. She’s also quite a tail-wagger. And if I step out, she puts her head down on my feet and, well, that’s that. As I stand there waiting for her to stop snuggling my toes, I wonder. There’s a loving, warm, sentient being with its head on my feet and behaving as though this is the highlight of her day- of her very existence. And I am floored. I am floored. Continue reading

On Friendship

Friends. How lightly we throw that word around, like a threadbare old tennis ball that can land anywhere for all we care. Let the dog play fetch with it. Let the baby drool all over it. Leave it out in the garden, come rain or shine or mud or sleet or snow. Or, put it in a box and stick into the attic to gather dust for the next decade or so. Friends. Old tennis balls. What does it matter. Continue reading

Little Pieces of Perfect

Listen to the gentle whirl of the fan on a warm summer night. Feel the wind in your hair, fly away strands tickling your face as they blow around. Feel the soft fabric of your shirt, maybe smile at the doodle on it. Swirl the cool water in your mouth as you take a gulp. Feel it quench your thirst. Take another sip. And another, and another. Let your muscles relax after a long day as you put your feet up, and let the words flow through you. Continue reading